H2 Heavy Carbine Buffer Tungsten
EAC H2 Heavy Carbine Buffer (Tungsten Powder) Filled
May 23, 2013
EAC Billet Upper Receivers
Edward Arms Billet upper Receiver AR15 / M16
May 23, 2013
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AR15 Lower Parts Kit
AR15 Lower Parts Kit

EAC Mil-Spec AR15 Lower Parts Kit Complete (LPK)

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AR15 lower parts kit contains everything you need to finish your stripped AR15 lower receiver.

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Edward Arms Company Mil-Spec AR15  Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

This Mil-Spec AR15 lower parts kit (LPK) contains everything you need to finish your stripped AR15 lower receiver.  These parts are mil-spec and tested for function. This kit is available as either a standard single-sided safety selector or a ambidextrous fire selector is available in the options below.


  • Made in the USA
  • Either Single Side Safety Selector or Ambi-Selector available

Lower Parts Kit

  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Pin
  • Hammer Spring
  • Disconnector and Spring
  • Bolt Catch
  • Bolt Catch Plunger
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Selector
  • Selector Detent
  • Selector Detent Spring
  • (2) Take down Detents and Springs
  • Pivot Pin
  • Rear Take down Pin
  • Buffer Retainer and Spring
  • Magazine Catch
  • Button and Spring
  • Screw and Washer for Grip
  • Trigger guard Assembly and Pin
  • Hammer
  • Trigger
  • Pistol Grip


Edward Arms Company has a no BS warranty approach to defective parts. If the part fails due to a manufacturing defect, then we will replace the part with or handle any repairs associated with repairing the purchased part back to a functioning order. If the part or parts become disabled or broken due to any negligence or failure caused by mishandling or use of unapproved ammunition, then you would have to pay for the repairs. Don’t worry, we love firearms here, it won’t be much, just give us a call. We try to make every customer service experience a great one at Edward Arms Company and we hope that you enjoy and love our products for a long long time. For all the real legal mumbo jumbo regarding the warranty for our parts, please check out the warranty page here

Additional Information
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 2 in
Lower Parts Selector

Ambi Safety Fire Selector, Standard Safety Fire Selector