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Edward Arms, a Privately Owned Arizona based FFL business was built around offering high end products and rock bottom prices including 50 bmg ammo and other ammunition and accessories cheap. If you see it for sale on Edwardarms.com then you can be assured that it will ship fast and it's one of the best values around. Want cheap ammo for your firearms, then look no further. We may not have 100's of products available to purchase but that's only because we offer up the super deals.. Make sure and take advantage of our amazing prices on 50 BMG ammunition that we currently have in stock. We have several different types to choose from and the absolute best prices on the net.

February 6, 2017

50 BMG Ball and API loose should be in stock very soon

Coming down to the wire and we were just notified that our next shipment of loose cans of 50 BMG ball and loose 50 BMG API […]
December 8, 2016


After storms, fires and mechanical delay’s we have more 50BMG incoming to Edward Arms Company. We have made a name by supplies .50BMG ammunition at rock […]
November 15, 2016

New Shipping Carrier – Trying to keep costs down for you

FedEx gave us rating that is helping your shipping cost. I know it’s super expensive to ship 45 lbs of freedom across the country using ground, […]

Edward Arms Company specializes in cheap ammo sales including 5.56 mm , 50 bmg and other popular calibers. We buy ammo in super bulk to get the best prices around compared to other online retailers. We offer up several different calibers at different times , depending on which manufacturers are willing to give us the best deal for our huge buying power, to give you the absolute best deal around on many popular calibers. We have showcased 5.56 NATO (.223), 50 BMG and 7.62 x 39 in the past so check back often and see what our buying power means for your bottom line. 

ATTENTION: Due to the volume of orders being placed, 50 Caliber Ammunition orders listed as in stock are running approximately 5 days behind for shipping. Dismiss