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November 15, 2016
50 BMG Ball and API loose should be in stock very soon
February 6, 2017

After storms, fires and mechanical delay’s we have more 50BMG incoming to Edward Arms Company. We have made a name by supplies .50BMG ammunition at rock bottom prices and finally we were notified that we will have more incoming very very shortly. Get ready because once the truck picks up our pallets, we will open up the ordering. There is a lot of ammo coming but on some of the more popular items, there’s a backlog of several hundred people waiting to order it so get it as soon as it’s available to keep you from having to wait in line. 


Good luck,

Edward Arms Company 


ATTENTION: Due to the volume of orders being placed, 50 Caliber Ammunition orders listed as in stock are running approximately 5 days behind for shipping. Dismiss