If you’re looking for help and not sure what to buy or simply want something Custom, Edward Arms is your place!”
Anthony S Clemmer, Phoenix AZ

With all the major suppliers being out of stock or delaying orders by several weeks and telling customers not to bother them, potential new customers that have never heard of Edward Arms might be leery or skeptical about doing business with them. Here is my experience with Edward Arms. After many hours of searching countless websites for a barrel, I found Edward Arms. Their website said that they had some in stock, so I called to verify their availability. The gentleman I spoke to said they were and he was holding one in his hand. Taking the chance, I order it. The next day it was shipped and three days later, it was in my hand. Big thanks to Edward Arms!”
Lonny Spokane, Washington

Took out the red and black EAC AR. Man these are awesome. Broke them in. Thanks for building such awesome arms.”
Patrick Vigil, Phoenix AZ

Edward Arms builds some of the finest AR platform rifles I have seen or fired. Creativity and attention to detail is prevalent in every rifle that rolls off the line. Not only do they use the highest quality components, but custom parts and finishes make for truly unique rifles that hold tight MOA accuracy with standard grade ammo… Anyone looking for an outstanding AR Gunsmith, look no further!”
Trey Smith, Scottsdale AZ

I have never seen such a well built machine of accuracy and attitude, good job guys”
D Payne, Tempe AZ

Target is 50 yards out with my elbows resting on the table and no bench rest, Trijicon is Awesome”
Ronald B, Hailey ID

What a great product, my friends were very jealous! So they bought one each…”
Steve Davis, Tempe AZ

I sold my Smith and Wesson to purchase a rifle from Edward Arms, I love it…”
Julian Murilo, Tempe AZ

Very happy with the way this rifle shoots. A guy next to me at the range
begged to shoot it, I let him shoot a few rounds, he was in love. I told him where to find you!”
Chad *****, Texas – The last name was omitted because this testimonial came from active Military personnel

Awesome accuracy and plenty of attitude, I’m telling all my gun buddies.”
Emilio *******, Texas – The last name was omitted because this testimonial came from active Military personnel

I highly recommend contacting these guys about setting up a custom build people, I got an AWESOME deal.”

Seth Ziegler, Phoenix AZ

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